Why Collect Ribbon Tins & Typewriter Go-withs

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Collectors are attracted to Ribbon Tins for several reasons. Ribbon tins have always been very collectible because of their size, shape and design. Before there were collectors there were office workers who prized them because they were attractive and useful as they provided good storage for paperclips, needles, etc. That attraction plus the almost infinite number of eye-catching designs made them a desirable tin box to save. When collecting became more formalized the same wonderful graphics and small size attracted the collector. Formalized by categories of design, subject matter or historic significance, there is an almost infinite variety to choose from to collect. And a collection of a couple a thousand ribbon tins doesn’t take up that much space! Collectors are also attracted because one can learn the history of each company. One can collect by country, state or even city as well as by subject matter and by a particular company. Typewriter go-withs were mostly free advertising pieces that sales people gave prospective customers. They came in many useful forms such as blotters, erasing shields,…..Also, many go-withs are useful in learning the history of ribbon & carbon paper companies.These might be company ads, letter and bill heads.