Wearebest, Vacuo-Static Carbon Co. Button

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Company Name & Address:  

              Vacuo-Static Carbon Co.,

              Rochester, NY.

Estimated Price Range:  $15.-$25. 

Dimensions:   1 1/4″ diameter

Colors:   W/Bk/R

Weight:   .1 oz

Picture Credit:   HDVD

Description:    This button pictures a never seen before ribbon tin container: “The ribbon in the Capsule”. The Vacuo-Static Carbon Co. did produce 12 other containers for ribbons in: tin, plastic & cardboard but, none look like what is on this button. The capsule container pictured appeared in a 1904 ad so, I would date the button to that era. This celluloid button was made by Bastian Brothers of Rochester, NY.–“Manufacturers of Ribbon, Metal and celluloid novelties.