Hamilton Mfg. Co. Double Size Printers Type Cabinet, 40 Drawers + 2 Slanted Trays

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Company Name & Address:

               Hamilton Mfg. Co.

                  Middletown, NY

Estimated Price Range:    $800-$1,200.

Dimensions:   71 1/4″ wide x 24 1/2″ deep x 44″ tall 

Colors:   Wood (Oak)

Weight:   ?

Picture Credit:    HDVD

Description:  This is a most unusual, double type drawer, Oak Cabinet with 40 drawers. The 40 drawers could hold approximately 2,000. ribbon tins. All small type dividers were removed before refinishing and cloth was added to the drawers.

There are 2 separate large trays (each 35″ high x 72″ wide) that stand on top of the cabinet supported by 4 fancy original antique cast iron brackets. They are marked “Hamilton Mfg. Co.” These trays were originally used to set up the type for newspaper articles. These trays could also hold hundreds of tins and would make a beautiful display area  for tins, carbon paper boxes, etc.. These trays and supports are easily removed or set up.