Underwood Typewriter Co./Underwood Elliott Fisher Co./Underwood Corp., 12 Erasing Shields

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Company Name & Address:

       Underwood Typewriter Co. (factory: Hartford, CT)

       Underwood Building, New York & 342 Madison Ave., New York

        Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. (circa 1927)

        One Park Ave., New York City

        Underwood Corporation

Estimated Price Range:    Trade Mark UTs:  $12.-$18.

                                                          UEFs:  $5.-$10.

Dimensions:   2″ x 3 3/8″

Colors:   Most:  W/R/Bk

Weight:     —————–

Picture Credit:   HDVD

Description:  A major typewriter company with 12 erasing shields. Around 1900 the Underwood #5 became the most popular typewriter & the company became the world’s biggest typewriter manufacturer. Circa 1927, the name Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. was inaugurated & eventually the company name became simply the Underwood Corporation.