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[blockquote_sty ver=”1 or 2″]Hello! I’m Hoby Van Deusen, curator of the Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum (RTVM). I’ve always had a collector’s bug throughout my entire life. Up until 1984 I had only collected early American antiques to furnish my house. One day while perusing antique shops in my hometown of Montclair, NJ, I was immediately attracted to the beauty, graphics and the history of Advertising tins and the companies that made them. I plunged in and madly collected all advertising tins until 1990 when on advice *:) happy from my wife, Nancy I decided to focus on one type of Advertising tins. I chose Typewriter Ribbon Tins and have now collected them for over 30 years. The reasons why I chose Ribbon Tins were: they have essentially the same attributes as larger tins, many are beautiful and very graphic. Also, their history is fascinating with their association with the expansion of business and industry and its office equipment and supplies, the typewriter and the carbon paper industry. And Ribbon Tins are a superb collectible because of their small size. They can nicely decorate a wall or easily be displayed in cabinets. My first purchase of a Ribbon Tin was an Underwood Corporation Distinctive Silk Brand on 2/24/84. My mania turned into high gear in 1990 and for many years I scoured all of the antique malls and shows in the New England and Mid Atlantic areas. What fun! Then came eBay and the ribbon tin world changed. In 1993 I started Ribbon Tin News, a quarterly newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter was to promote the collecting of ribbon tins through articles on tins, ribbon tin collectors and the history of ribbon tins. It was very stimulating but a lot of hard work. The series ended with the last issue in 2003, 1,020 pages later. would like to take the opportunity to thank my wife, Nancy whose strong background in history and her love of meeting people has made collecting so much fun. I would like to thank my Advisory Board to the museum: Pedro Arroyo, John Newbury, Remey Rubin & Jack Sloat who are longtime friends, fellow collectors and Ribbon Tin experts, for helping me with suggestions to develop the Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum.[/blockquote_sty]