Smith Premier Typewriter Co.

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             Smith Premier & Eberhard Faber

Estimated Price Range: 2 Smith-P. $10.-$15.;  Eberhard: $3.-$5.

Dimensions:  2 Smith-P.:  3 3/8″ long;    Eberhard:  1 3/4″ long    

Colors:     2 Smith-P.:  W/R/Bk      Eberhard:  Br/W

Weight:   ?

Picture Credits:   Tri-Chrome & Eberhard: Steve Dorrell;  Model 10:  HDVD

Description:   All of these pencils are the pull out of a case type and two have a celluloid case around them. The Tri-Chrome Smith Premier left may picture a Model No. 2 that was improved in 1905 to take a tri-chrome ribbon which enabled secretaries to use 3 different colors without ribbon changing. One of the S-P has a June 6, 1905 patent date.

The Model 10 Smith Premier right was made from 1908-1913.

The very small 1 3/4″? long pencil, top left, is an Eberhard Faber.