Smith Premier Typewriter Co./L. C. Smith & Bros./L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, Inc., 12 Erasing Shields

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Company Name & Address:

           Smith Premier Typewriter Co. (Syracuse, NY)

           L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co. (Syracuse, NY)

           L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, Inc. (Cortland, NY

           Smith-Corona Marchant, Inc.  (NYC)   

Estimated Price Range: Lg. Typewriter, Lady, Ribbon Reel:$30.-$60.

                                                     Other Shields: $8.-$20.

Dimensions:   Most:   1 7/8″ x 3 3/8″

Colors:   Various

Weight:   ————–

Picture Credit:   HDVD

Description:  Large group of 12 shields. Of special interest is the colorful Smith Premier Model 10 shield/1910 calendar with secretary! Also, the ribbon reel with a 1907 calendar on the reverse and the shield with a large pic of a Smith Premier No. 10 typewriter. The two plastic see through shields are from Canada.