Simplex Typewriter Die Cut Booklet

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Company Name & Address:

                Simplex Typewriter Co.

Estimated Price Range:    $40.-$50.

Dimensions:    2 1/2″ x 4″  (closed)

Colors:    R/W/Bk/P/B/Y

Weight:     .1  oz

Picture Credit:    HDVD

Description:   This is an exquisite, small, die cut booklet. The die cut is part of the front and back covers. It is 12 pages long including the covers. The front states “Holiday Gifts novel and useful Simplex Typewriters. Anyone can use them to write letters in good form.” Inside the New Simplex No. 1 ($1.00), the No. 2 ($3.50) and No. 3 ($5.00) are pictured. There is also a sample typed letter inside.