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Brand Name:  Simco
Company Name: Simco
City:  *Toronto
State: *Ontario
Country:  CANADA
Subject: Man, Simco
Price Range:    $8.-$10.
Rarity Rating:  5
Composition:   Tin
Shape:  S
Top Type:   SO
Dimensions:  2.4″x2.4″x.7″
Colors:  Y/S/Br/R 
Tin Maker:   D2  Decorated Metal
Picture Credit:  HDVD 
Description:  Silver & black paper insert on a Vine Border stock tin. NOTE: Simco was: a British Army general–John Graves Simco in the American Revolutionary War and the first Lieutenant-Governor of the new British colony in upper Canada which later became Ontario. The tin has a tiny pic of him on a Maple Leaf.