Remington Typewriter Co. 3 Pocket Mirrors

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Company Name & Address:

                 Remington Typewriter Co.

Estimated Price Range:   $15.-$25. (large ones); $25.-$40. (small)

Dimensions:  3 3/8″;   3″;   ?

Colors: W/R/Bk

Weight:   8  oz;    3  oz;    ?  

Picture Credit: HDVD, HDVD, LSch.

Description:  The large ones are very common, accordingly they do not command significant prices. The small one is rare and is worth more, it is unusual as it has monthly calendars around the edges.The largest mirror was made by Parisian Novelty Co. of Chicago. The medium mirror by H.B. Van Dusen, 1 Beekman St., NYC.