“Renington” Small Pencil Sharpener & a R. C. Allen Vistomatic Tiny Typewriter

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Company Name & Address:


             R. C. Allen Vistomatic

Estimated Price Range: 

                  Pencil Sharpener–$10.-$20.

                  Tiny Typewriter–$10-$12.

Dimensions:      Pencil Sharpener:  2 3/4″ wide

                                   Tiny Typewriter:    ?

Colors:      P.S.–Bk/W


Weight:     ? & ?

Picture Credit:    HDVD & Jane Elliott

Description:    The “Renington” labeled pencil sharpener has ivory colored keys. The maker did not want it to say “Remington”.

The tiny R. C. Allen typewriter probable was to be used as a paperweight.