Quest Mfg. Co., Old Hickory Brand, Cardboard Sign

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Company Name & Address:

                    Quest Mfg. Co.

                    Chicago, IL & New York, NY

Estimated Price Range:    $15.-$20.

Dimensions:   9″ x 13 3/8″

Colors:   Bk/W/Br/O

Weight:      3.7  oz

Picture Credit:      HDVD

Description:   Old Hickory Brand cardboard sign or possibly the cover of a carbon paper box.  Has a 1921 copyright. The subject of the sign is cotton with large cotton boles on either side and a vignette in the middle of 6 workers in a cotton field and one old gent resting under a tree. The vignette is signed by J. C. Sewell, 1921.