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Brand Name:   Peerless Brand
Company Name:  Peerless Carbon & Ribbon Co.,
City:  Toronto
State: *Ontario
Country:  CANADA
Subject:  —-
Price Range:  Square tins: $15.-$20.;  
                         Wide ribbon tin: $25.-$30. 
Rarity Rating: all 5s
Composition:  Tin
Shape:  3 are square,
               1 is a square high wide ribbon tin
Top Type:  SO
Dimensions:  Largest are 2.4″x2.4″x.6″
                         Smallest:    2.2″x2.2″x.6″
                              Wide Ribbon tin: 1.5″x1.5″x2″ tall
Colors:   O/Bk/S  &  O/Bk/W
Tin Maker: Top 2 tins only: D1 Decorated Metal
Picture Credits:  HDVD
Description:   This orange series of Peerless Brand tins are the earliest, scarcest & most expensive of the Peerless tins.
Top 2 tins: silver monogram left, bottom-“Peerless Brand”.  Third tin down: white monogram left, bottom-large “Peerless Brand”, on slant “The Master Ribbon”. Bottom row tin is a wide ribbon tin (square high tin) & its top & the large single pic is the same tin , which has monograms on 2 sides;  large “Peerless Brand” on a slant “The Master Ribbon” on the 2 other sides.