Noiseless Typewriter Co. Ruler

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Company Name & Address:

Noiseless Typewriter Co.

253 Broadway

New York, NY

Estimated Price Range:  $5.-$8.

Dimensions:  3/4″ x 7 3/8″

Colors:   Wood/Bk

Weight:   .1  oz

Picture Credit:   HDVD

Description:  This Noiseless ruler measures 6″, total length is 7 3/8″. It is made of wood and looks like it was also was made to act as a letter opener. On the reverse it says: “The Largest Exclusive Typewriter Exhibitors At The National Business Show”. On the front: “Compliments of The Noiseless Typewriter Your Silent Partner”. The ruler was made by Amer. Mfg. Concern, Falconer, N. Y.