Monarch Typewriter Co., 5 Erasing Shields

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Company Name & Address:

         Monarch Typewriter Co.

         Syracuse, NY (Factory & General Offices)

         300 Broadway, New York, NY (Executive Offices)

Estimated Price Range:   $12.-$25.

Dimensions:   1 7/8″ x 3 3/8″;  Metal shield:  2 1/16″ x 3 9/16″

Colors:   Y/Bk/R    Metal Shield: S/Bk/R

Weight:     ————–

Picture Credit:    HDVD

Description:   These are very nice shields as they picture the Monarch Visible typewriters which, of course makes them more valuable. The Monarch Visible was first made in 1904. Very hard to see in the picture are the Models 1, 2 & 3. Two Model 3 shields have red lettering on them: “Remington Typewriter Company (incorporated)”. The larger silver metal shield pictures a Model #1.