Mittag & Volger, Inc., 10 Erasing Shields

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Company Name & Address:

        Mittag & Volger, Inc.

        Park Ridge, NJ

                 Mittag & Methudy, Inc (agents for M&V)

                 261 Broadway, New York

Estimated Price Range:       Product picture shields: $10.-$20.

                                                             Late White plastic: $1.-$2.

                                                             Mittag & Methudy shield:  $20.-$25.

Dimensions:    All:  1 7/8″ x 3 3/8″

Colors:   Yellow backgrounds for most.

Weight:     ——————–

Picture Credit:    HDVD

Description:  In 1891 the company was founded in the small NJ community of Park Ridge by Frank O. Mittag. It became one of the giants in the ribbon & carbon paper business. The shields shown here mostly picture the company’s products and are more valuable than plain ones. The Mittag & Methudy shield is very rare. Alfred Methudy was a Mittag relative and he became Mittag’s New York sales agent.  Mittag & Volger was eventually sold to the Burroughs Corporation in 1949 and the huge plant was torn down in 1986. Some of M&V’s ribbon tin brand names were: Tagger, M&M, Eureka, M&V, Plenty Copy, Bell, Government, Silk-Spun, Miracle Ink.