Mittag & Volger 1954 “Pleasant Memories” Cardboard Calendar

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Company Name & Address:

               Mittag & Volger

               Park Ridge, NJ

Estimated Price Range:    $25.-$35.

Dimensions:     Interior:  17 1/4″ x 25 1/4″

                                 Outside mesurements:  17 3/4″ x 26″

Colors:      T/B/Bk/W/Br/R

Weight:      14.7 oz

Picture Credit:     HDVD

Description:   Large cardboard calendar with a 1954 calendar pad. Called “Pleasant Memories” it pictures a top hatted gentleman holding a handkerchief with a lipstick mark with a cities (NYC?) backdrop. He seems very pleased with himself after a night on the town!  Mittag & Volger was a very large ribbon and carbon maker in New Jersey for many years starting in 1887.