Goldsmith Bros. Enameled Metal Sign

By rtvm

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Company Name & Address:

                   Goldsmith Bros.

                   77 Nassau Street

                   New York, NY

Estimated Price Range:    $300.-$350.

Dimensions:   “30” x 60″ 

Colors:     W/Bk

Weight:    25 lbs.  7 oz

Picture Credit:    HDVD

Description:  This is a large oval, enameled sign from, at one time, the country’s largest stationery store: Goldsmith Bros. at 77 Nassau Street in New York City. It was also the largest retail establishment in the Wall Street area. Their trade mark was a feather in an ink well. I remember going into Goldsmith’s when I first worked in the Wall Street area in 1958. Goldsmiths founded in 1886 finally went out of business in 1976. I bought this sign because they sold typewriter ribbon tins with brand names of: Starlight, GB and Autocrat.