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Columbia Carbon Co. Calendar

Company Name & Address:              Columbia Carbon Co.              15-21 E. Fourth Street              Dayton, OH Estimated Price Range:    $8.-$12. Dimensions:     3 1/2" x 5 1/2" Colors:      Sepia/W/Bk Weight:    ------------------------- Picture Credit:   HDVD Description:    [...]

Rockwell Barnes Co. Oil Bottle

Company Name & Address:            Rockwell Barnes Co.            823 S. Wabash Ave.            Chicago, IL Estimated Price Range:   $3.-$5. Dimensions:     1" x 2 1/2" tall Colors:     W/Bk Weight:   1.1 oz with oil Picture Credit:    HDVD Description:   "No Gum No [...]

Panama-Beaver Comb/Nail File Kit

Company Name & Address:                Panama-Beaver Estimated Price Range:    $5.-$8. Dimensions:    1 5/8" x 5" Colors:    Br/G Weight:   1.2  oz Picture Credit:   HDVD Description:   Another handy handout by Panama-Beaver.    

Columbia Carbon Co.

Company Name & Address:                 Columbia Carbon Co.                 Dayton, OH Estimated Price Range:     $5.-$7.  Dimensions:   1 x 8 3/4" Colors:   O/Bk Weight:    .4 oz Picture Credit:   HDVD Description:   An orange plastic ruler which measures 8 1/2" but is [...]

Oliver Typewriter

Company Name & Address:  The Oliver Typewriter Co., Omaha, Nebraska     Estimated Price Range:  $30.-$35. Dimensions:  1 1/4" diameter Colors:  R/Bk/W Weight:    1/10th ounce Picture Credit:    HDVD Description: Celluloid button picturing an Oliver Typewriter. Button made by Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, NJ.

sample ribbon tin

Brand Name: Markrow Company Name:  Markrow Ribbon & Carbon Co. City:  Boston State:  MA Country:  USA Price Range:  $25.-$50.  Rarity Rating:  very rare Composition:  tin Shape:  square Dimensions:  2.4x2.4x.6 Colors:   W/O Tin Maker:  --- Picture Credit:  HDVD Description:  Has an orange diamond & 2 flowers on a white background. Bottom: plain orange.

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The Curator

[blockquote_sty ver=”1 or 2″]Hello! I’m Hoby Van Deusen, curator of the Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum (RTVM). I’ve always had a collector’s bug throughout my entire life. Up until 1984 I had only collected early American antiques to furnish my house. One day while perusing antique shops in my hometown of Montclair, NJ, I was immediately […]