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Davidson Mfg. Co. Ltd., The Thos., Tip Tray

Company Name & Address:                    Davidson Mfg. Co. Limited, The Thomas                    Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg                    Canada Estimated Price Range:   $25.-$50. Dimensions:   4" diameter Colors:   R/G/Br/Bk/DkB Weight:   .9  oz Picture Credit:  [...]

Smith & Bros., L. C., Tip Tray

Company Name & Address:                    Smith & Bros., L. C.  Estimated Price Range:  $50.-$75 Dimensions:  5 1/4" diameter Colors:   B/Gr/G/R/W/Br/Bk Weight:  1.3  oz  Picture Credit:   HDVD Description: This is a very small category and there is no doubt that this tip tray is an outstanding collectible as it [...]