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Duplex Jewett Typewriter Co., Ruler & Erasing Shield

Company Name & Address:          Duplex Jewett Typewriter Co.          Des Moines, IA Estimated Price Range:   $50.-$75. Dimensions:   1 3/4" x 7 3/8" Colors:    W/Bk/R Weight:    ---------- Picture Credit:    HDVD Description:   This is a combination erasing shield &  7 1/2" ruler. It dates to somewhere in [...]

American Writing Machine Co., Ruler

Company Name & Address:                American Writing Machine Co.                374 Broadway                New York, NY Estimated Price Range:   $3.--$5. Dimensions:   3/4"  x 6" Colors:   wood/R/Bk Weight:   .2  oz Picture Credit:  Steve Hosier Description: A wood ruler which measures [...]

Marchant Calculators Ruler

Company Name & Address: Marchant Calculators Estimated Price Range:   $3,--$4. Dimensions:     1' x 6"? Colors:   W/R Weight:   ? Picture Credit:   Ken Gladstone Description:   A wood? ruler which measures 6". 

R. C. Allen Ruler

Company Name & Address: R. C. Allen Estimated Price Range:  $3.--$4. Dimensions:    1" x 12" Colors:   W/DkB Weight:   .2  oz Picture Credit:   Jane Elliott Description: A wood? ruler which measures 12". Primarily a maker of adding machines.

Beaver-Panama, Ruler

Company Name & Address:                      Beaver-Panama: The M. B. Cook Co.,                      a division of Manifold Supplies Co.                      Brooklyn, NY  Estimated Price Range:   $3.--$6. Dimensions:     1" [...]

Muncie Typewriter Exchange Ruler

Company Name & Address: Muncie Typewriter Exchange 308 1-2 S. Walnut St. Muncie, IN Estimated Price Range:   $2.-$4. Dimensions:   3/4" x 6" Colors:  wood/Bk Weight:   1/3  oz? Picture Credit:   Jack Sloat Description:   A wood ruler which measures 6". The Muncie Typewriter Exchange is famous for making the most desirable typewriter ribbon of all time: the SERVICE BRAND.

Blickensderfer Mfg. Co., Ruler

Company Name & Address:                     Blickensderfer Mfg. Co.                     240 Broadway                     New York, NY Estimated Price Range:   $5.--$8. Dimensions:  1 1/8" x 12" Colors: Wood/Bk Weight:   1.7 [...]

Eriksen’s, Inc., Ruler

Company Name & Address:                  Eriksen's, Inc.                  Provident bank Building                  Cincinnati, OH Estimated Price Range:  $3.--$5. Dimensions:    2" x 15"? Colors: Wood/Bk Weight:   1.5  oz? Picture Credit:   Ken Stephens Description: A wood ruler which [...]

Columbia Carbon Co., 2 Rulers

Company Name & Address:                      Columbia Carbon Co.                      Dayton, OH Estimated Price Range:   $5.--$7. Dimensions:  1" x 8 5/8" Colors:   W/Bk  &  O/Bk Weight:    .4  oz Picture Credit:   Kathie Tietze  &  HDVD    Description: [...]

H. & M. Ribbon & Carbon Co., Ruler

Company Name & Address:               McElfatrick's H. & M. Ribbon & Carbon Co.               1116 2nd Ave.               Seattle, WA  Estimated Price Range:   $3.--$5. Dimensions:  1 3/4" x 12 1/4" Colors:   W/Bk Weight:   .7  oz Picture Credit:  [...]