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Underwood Eraser

Company Name & Address:                        Underwood Corporation,                      New York, N. Y. Estimated Price Range:  $2.-$3. Dimensions:  1 1/2" x 1 5/8" Colors: R/Bk Weight:   ? Picture Credit:  Remey Rubin Description:  Heart shaped eraser.

Wilson’s Eraser

Company Name & Address:                 Wilson's                Los Angeles, CA Estimated Price Range:  $10. - $15.  Dimensions:  1 3/8" diameter  Colors:  W/DkB  Weight:   .3 oz Picture Credit:   HDVD Description:  White metal buttons on both sides of eraser.

Roytype Eraser

Company Name & Address:                   Royal Typewriter Co. Estimated Price Range:  $2.-$3. Dimensions:  1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Colors:  O/Bk Weight:  .4 oz Picture Credit:  HDVD Description: Octagonal eraser (Roytype), small magnet on one side.

Panama-Beaver Eraser

Company Name & Address:                   Panama-Beaver Estimated Price Range:  $2.-$3. Dimensions:  1 5/8" x 1 3/4" Colors:  R/Bk Weight:    .3 oz Picture Credit:  HDVD Description: Front & back views, heart shaped. "Erase Without Trace"

Manifold Supplies Co. (Panama) Eraser

Company Name & Address:                 Manifold Supplies Co. (Panama),                 Brooklyn, NY Estimated Price Range:  $10.-$15. Dimensions:  1 5/8" diameter  Colors: O/R/B/W Weight:  .5 oz Picture Credit:  HDVD Description:  Metal buttons on each side. 

Eberhard Faber “Ten-Eighty” Eraser

Company Name & Address:                 Eberhard Faber  "Ten-Eighty" Estimated Price Range:  $3.-$5.  Dimensions:  5" tall?  Colors: O/Bk/W/R  Weight: ---- Picture Credit:  HDVD Description: Tall cylindrical container: "Ten-Eighty" on front. Cardboard with metal top & bottom. Dated 1942. "More Rubber For Victory".

Eberhard Faber 1080 Eraser

Company Name & Address:                    Eberhard Faber 1080 Estimated Price Range:  $3. - $5. Dimensions:  4" tall?  Colors: B/W/Y/R Weight: ----- Picture Credit:  Larry Schenkel Description: Upright cylindrical, picture of an eraser on front.