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Company Name & Address:             ? Estimated Price Range:   ? Dimensions:  various Colors:   various Weight:  ------  Picture Credit:  Pam McVeigh Description:   First are the jeweled typewriter pins.  Next are the plainer typewriter shaped pins.


Company Name & Address:              Remington               L.C. Smith Bros.               Royal Estimated Price Range:  $5.-$25. Dimensions:  Various  Colors: gold/silver/blue Weight:  ----- Picture Credit:   HDVD Description:  1st Row Remingtons, Left to Right: 10K gold, lady; 10K gold, typewriter; 10K [...]

Coins: Royal, Remington, Queens Typewriter, Fort Pitt Typewriter

Company Name & Address:          Royal, Remington, Queens Typewriter, Fort Pitt Typewriter Estimated Price Range:   $2.-$30. Dimensions:  1"-2" diameter Colors:  bronze, brass, silver Weight:  .2---2. ounces Picture Credit:  HDVD  Description: Front & Back Shown---left to right: 1935 Royal Typewriter Co. State Prize, 300th Anniversary of American High Schools;  Queens Typewriter Co., L.I. City [...]


Company Name & Address:                Both ribbon/medals from Underwood Typewriter Estimated Price Range:   $15.--$20. for the Ribbon/Medals Dimensions:    Both: 2 1/4" long Colors:   Red ribbon  & Blue ribbon Weight: Each:  .4 oz Picture Credit: HDVD Description:   Pictured are 2 ribbons with medals. The red one on the left is an Underwood [...]