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Why Collect Ribbon Tins & Typewriter Go-withs

Collectors are attracted to Ribbon Tins for several reasons. Ribbon tins have always been very collectible because of their size, shape and design. Before there were collectors there were office workers who prized them because they were attractive and useful as they provided good storage for paperclips, needles, etc. That attraction plus the almost infinite […]

Why A Virtual Museum

There has never been one place to go to, to find a comprehensive typewriter ribbon tin listing with pictures and pricing of the thousands of ribbon tins. The same situation is true of typewriter go-withs. How things have changed in the last few decades! The computer, the internet, digital photography, self publishing, Wikipedia, e-books, ipads, […]

Current Developments at the Museum

June, 2015—–We just had the pleasure of a visit from the Chris Simmons family from Seattle, WA. Besides Chris are his wife Megan and 2 daughters Ava & Helen. Chris is the typewriter ribbon tin and go-withs collector in the family. Chris has ties here in Lakeville, CT as he went to the Hotchkiss School. […]