Carter’s Portia’s Choice Metal Sign

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Company Name & Address:

                  Carter’s Ink Company

                  Boston, MA 

Estimated Price Range:    $800.-$900. 

Dimensions:   Frame:  14 5/8″ x 20 3/8″

                                Sign:   13 1/8″ x 19″

Colors:    B/DkB/M/Br/W/G/R 

Weight:   Frame & Sign:  1 lb.  12 oz

Picture Credit:   HDVD

Description: This sign was made by Kaufmann & Strauss Co., New York.  Carter’s Ink had many, many brand names and “Ideal” was one of its earliest and best known. Pictured in the Judge’s hand is the early Ideal wide ribbon tin, these ribbons were used on the early typewriters. Also the 2 other square Ideals are shown along with two Carter’s Carbon Paper boxes. Ideals date to the 1st decade of 1900. Note the typewriter and U. S. shield in back of the judge.