Bucki Paperweights

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Company Name & Address:

                     Bucki Carbons & Ribbons

Estimated Price Range:  $10.-$25.

Dimensions:  1 1/2″x 1 5/8″ tall

Colors:   Variety

Weight:  1.5 oz. (aluminum);  4.7  0z. (cast iron)

Picture Credits:   HDVD (top row);  Bob Masoner (2 Buckis); Bob Moyer (line drawings);  HDVD (interesting Bucki writeup from page 344 RTN)

Description: The very popular and ubiquitous Bucki pups were made in cast iron (common) and aluminum (rare). Sometimes they were a natural cast iron or painted in gold, silver and other colors. Read the writeup left side. Another collector gave me the following new info: “There are 2 versions of the Bucki Carbons Ribbons Pups. The B in Bucki is above the A in Carbons and another version were the B in Bucki is above and between the AR in Carbons.”