Welcome to the Van Deusen Virtual Ribbon Tin Museum
Welcome to this dynamic virtual museum. This site is dedicated to documenting and providing information about Ribbon Tins and Typewriter Go-Withs. The success of this project depends not only on me but on your help. I welcome at all times: corrections; differences of opinions; notices of new ribbon tins and typewriter go-withs that are not listed. What makes this hobby interesting is the fact that new examples pop-up regularly!



Hello! I’m Hoby Van Deusen, curator of the Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum (RTVM). I’ve always had a collector’s bug throughout my entire life. Up until 1984 I had only collected early American antiques to furnish my house. One day while perusing antique shops in my hometown of Montclair, NJ, I was immediately attracted to the beauty, graphics and the history of Advertising tins and the companies that made them.

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